My name is Matthias and I have a passion for both IT and reptiles.

I work in IT operations specializing in infrastructure monitoring on both Linux and Windows environments focusing on the use of and contribution to free open source software. In my free time I take care of our reptiles and develop solutions to make our life easier and the reptiles life happier. This resulted in the development of the open source terrarium monitoring and automation solution Ciliatus.

Our current reptile collection includes

  • Uroplatus Phantasticus (Satanic leaf-tailed Gecko)
  • Rhacodactylus Auriculatus (Gargoyle Gecko)
  • Correlophus Ciliatus (Crested Gecko)
  • Eutropis Multifasciata (Many-lined Sun Skink)
  • Python Regius (Ball Python)
  • Pantherophis Guttatus (Corn Snake)